miso pickled tempeh  テンペの味噌漬け(西京焼き) 14th February 2021

these are with green peas tempeh from Ministry of cultures. I bought this at Dr.POGO❤️
ベルリンのインディーズ系テンペ・ブランド(女性が一人で始めたらしい)Ministry of culturesのグリーンピースのテンペを使って柔らかいお味噌で作った時。

this is 50g white miso version.... if you have big tempeh, better with 100g or so.

MISO ZUKE is very traditional Japanese way of cooking.
it is pickling food in Miso, very famous one is white fish with white sweeter miso=saikyo zuke.
(zuke means pickling)

miso slightly go into the ingredients, salty-deep umami.
and you oven it the surface get burned and so great flavor that all Japanese ppl love.

if you use softer waterly tempeh, it will be similar to white fish.
if you use harder stable tempeh, it will be similar to dried meat or smoked stuff like fish, cheese, egg or so.

i thought this Japanese way of cooking  will be able to help all VEGAN ppl's craving for protein-UMAMI!

SOY is a GOD🙏❤️


(make MISO BED)

50g miso (white is more gentle and sweet/brown is stronger)
1TBS sake
1TBS mirin
1tsp brown sugar
in a small container

put your tempeh in the bed
leave it 1-5days in the fridge (I like bit longer when the tempeh is stable, hard one).
take out bit of miso from surface.
bake in your oven 150℃ 20-25min.
depending on your oven, but you can see
until surface getting dark/burned on the edge.

thin(!) slice and eat.
really satisfactional heaviness.
good with sake, beer, wine like smoked cheese or egg. upper food⤴️
sandwich also amazing.
it is nice if it's cold too,  good for lunch-box.


こちらはしっかりがっしりしたテンペで作ったもの。these are with stable/harder tenpeh.
ちょっと焼きすぎたと思ったけど全然美味しかった!😋 i think it was too much burned but taste great!